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Advances and delays

Advances and delays front cover

Advances and delays

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Circadia might be your favorite new experimental psych-impro-folk band.

With the stellar line-up of guitarists David Stackenäs and Kim Myhr, bassist Joe Williamson and drummer Tony Buck from The Necks, Circadia releases their debut recording on SOFA in July 2016.

While the pared-down acoustic instrumentation may seem to be some kind of «back to basics» tip of the hat to folk styles, the music is much more than that. A tight rhythmic drive coupled with a nuanced concern for timbre, texture and dynamics gives Circadia it's unique sound. It's a band like few others.

Tony Buck - drums and percussion

Kim Myhr - six- and twelve string guitars

David Stackenäs -  six-string guitars

Joe Williamson - bass