Put out on the circuit via Norwegian experimental music staple Sofa Music on September 18th, 2020 is "First Room", the latest album by artist / composer / instrumentalist Martin Taxt who is setting out on a journey to explore the relationship between architecture and music in a series of albums of which this is the first. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese tea room and the tatami mat and attributed with a schematic floor plan on the front cover which as well provides a foundation for a musical score Taxt , alongside fellow artist Inga Margrethe Aas, creates a 35+ minutes one track piece in which his microtonal approach to tuba playing in conjunction with careful, slow moving sinewave modulations corresponds with Aas' additions on viola de gamba and double bass to create a solemn, inward looking stream of Ambient, sometimes even Dark Ambient-bordering movements of partly ceremonial character which suits the idea and source of inspiration behind this conceptional album quite well. A sonic study for inner exploration cut in two parts by a surprising mid track break which separates the calm, harmonic first part of the recording from a somewhat haunted live recorded performance of the same piece in the second half. Deep.