Jan 13 2017

Muddersten's Karpatklokke is now out and shipping from source. Check out the debut record of this very special group.

SOFA Showcase in Mexico City!  Oct 18 2016

SOFA is present in Mexico City this week with a showcase at Centro Cultural Espana on October 18. Kim Myhr, Ingar Zach and Jim Denley will each do a duo set with video artist Kjell Bjørgeengen. read more »»

Le Stanze pre-order deal  Sep 21 2016

Ingar Zach's Le Stanze is now ready pre-orders. Pre-order your copy now before October 7., and get SOFA524 (Point 4) cd free of charge!

Circadia  Sep 01 2016

Circadia's beautiful debut record has been getting great reviews all over. You can now order it from our website.

CIRCADIA's debut ready for pre-order  May 28 2016

Circadia's debut record «Advances and delays» is now finally available for pre-order through our website. We are really excited about this one, official release date is 22. July 2016. read more »»

OUT NOW! Mural - Tempo   Sep 06 2015

September 4th is the official release date of Mural's 3CD box TEMPO. Recorded at the Rothko Chapel in 2013. read more »»

VINYL SALE  Jul 07 2015

We are extending the vinyl sale for the month of july. Buy 2 vinyls for 300 NOK (save 16€), or 3 for 400 NOK (save 27€). Prices include postage! (for the Streifenjunko double LP, please add 50 NOK). Send an e-mail to sofa@sofamusic.no with your order.

New duo on SOFA  Jan 22 2015

On January 23rd we are releasing the new album «Loner», by Ingar Zach and Miguel Angel Tolosa. We are celebrating the release with a concert at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo on January 25th at 14.00.

Microtonal tubas and double bass  Oct 20 2014

On October 3rd we released two great vinyls. Have a listen to them here! And don't forget to order a copy from our website!

All your limbs singing  Mar 20 2014

Kim Myhr's solo album «All your limbs singing» has finally arrived. Can be ordered from our website, selected vinyl shops and on digital stores as Subradar, iTunes ++.

All your limbs Singing soon available!  Jan 31 2014

The vinyl of Kim Myhr's debut 'All your limbs singing' has been slightly delayed from the press, but we expect to have it in stock shortly! Until then have a listen to the closing track 'Harbor me'. Stay tuned!

Kim Myhr solo record scheduled for january!  Dec 01 2013

«All your limbs singing» is Kim Myhr's first solo record, and we are very proud to release it. Check out this track and stay tuned for more info coming soon!

Bergljot vinyl out in november!  Oct 11 2013

The Czech/Norwegian electro-acoustic trio Bergljot will release their first record out on SOFA this november. Check them out on their release tour in Romania, Hungary, Czech, Poland, Austria and Norway this autumn!

Subradar  Sep 15 2013

Most of our releases are also available for download at the new norwegian website subradar.no. Check it out! read more »»

Streifenjunko on top 10 2012-list!  Jan 25 2013

Chicago Reader's Peter Margasak published his year-end 2012 list last week. Streifenjunko's stunning «Sval Torv» is there on 6th place! Check it out if you haven't bought it yet. read more »»

Release concert with Streifenjunko  Aug 22 2012

On Saturday 25th of August (20:00) Streifenjunko will do an exclusive performance to celebrate their release of their brand new double vinyl «Sval Torv». The event takes place at Biermannsgården, Maridalsveien 78. See you all there! read more »»

Newsletter  Aug 22 2012

Check out our newsletter for the latest updates! read more »»

Release concert with Nude On Sand  Jan 08 2012

On January 9th at 20.00 Nude On Sand will play at Litteraturhuset, Oslo. Entrance is 100 NOK or 200 NOK with the brand new cd. read more »»

Silencers on Top 5 - 2011 in Le Monde  Jan 02 2012

In the 20th December issue of the french newspaper Le Monde Silencers album «Balances des Blancs» was picked as one of the top 5 jazz releases in 2011. Francis Marmande writes: «L'autre approche de l'electronique du son, de l'improvisation. Ne s'autoriser que de soi-même.»
The album can of course be ordered directly from our website.

Great reviews of our new releases  Nov 01 2011

Balances des Blancs and Microtub has been available for some months now. Check out the great reviews of both albums in magazines like WIRE, Aftenposten, Soundofmusic+++

Sale!  Nov 01 2011

As announced in the November issue of WIRE we offer you our 3 latest releases for the price of 2. Place orders at sofa(at)sofamusic.no

New release by Emo Albino out now  Jun 09 2011

Ingar Zach and Ivar Grydeland, founders of SOFA and the backspine of bands like Huntsville and Dans les Arbres, already have two duo-releases on SOFA. It has been a while since they have performed in this format, but now the duo is back with a vengeance. The music has changed since last time, which now consists of walls of dark frequencies that gets your albino body shaking and your diaphragm vibrating. read more »»

Moe and Rønnekleiv's duo cd out now  May 13 2011

The renowned composer and violinist Ole-Henrik Moe jr. and his partner in crime Kari Rønnekleiv, have released their first duo cd on SOFA. Great reviews, even better music, available for order now. read more »»

Two great new releases out now!   Oct 21 2010

Very pleased to announce our two next releases: Xavier Charles - Invisible and Ingar Zach - M.O.S.
Two great solo releases. Email us to order now!

Anniversary concert at HOK, Bærum/Norway  Oct 02 2010

Yes, another celebration! Have a look at the program for our anniversary concert at HOK 2nd October. read more »»

"Selektiv hogst" by Koboku Senjû out now!  May 03 2010

«Selektiv hogst» is the brilliant new album by the Japanese-Norwegian quintet Koboku Senjû. Tetuzi Akyama, Martin Taxt, Eivind Lønning, Espen Reinertsen released the «Varianter av døde trær» (SOFA526) in 2008. Now - together with Toshimaru Nakamura they are Koboku Senjû. Read more in the releases section.

Vertex debut release available now  Mar 02 2010

The brilliant debut release shapes & phases by Vertex is available now.


Yes! SOFA is 10 years in 2010, and we are cutting prices on most of our releases throughout the year. SOFA releases numbered 501 - 527 are at 50 NOK (about 6 EUR) + shipping. New releases (released in 2010) at 150 NOK + shipping.

MURAL available  Feb 03 2010

MURAL's debut «Nectars of emergence» is now released, and available in good stores and for download. You can read more about this and the upcoming Vertex debut album in our release section.

NEW SOFA DISC out soon  Jan 18 2010

Nectars of emergence is the exciting debut release of MURAL, consisting of Australia's foremost improviser Jim Denley with Norwegians Kim Myhr and Ingar Zach. The disc is available from February 1st, 2010.

DEMO policy  Jun 30 2009

SOFA focus mainly on Norwegian artists. We strongly advice you to consult us via email before sending expensive demos. We try to listen to all material, but we’re sorry to say we have no time to give any further comments on the music if we decide not to release it. Thanks for understanding.

New release - Streifenjunko - No Longer Burning  Jan 21 2009

People in (the) SOFA - and many more, have been waiting a while to hear what the duo Streifenjunko would come up with on their first release. And now, their debut is here. We can only say that it’s been worth waiting for these guys to finally present their work on disc.
Make sure you get hold of your own copy before it sells out!

Two new releases in end of May  May 12 2008

SOFA staff happily announce two new releases.
North of the North (SOFA525):
Marc Pichelin, Xavier Charles and Ivar Grydeland explore the soundscapes of small fishing villages in the very northern part of Norway.
Varianter av døde trær (SOFA526):
Japanese guitarist Tetuzi Akiyama meets the young Norwegian improvisers Martin Taxt, Eivind Lønning and Espen Reinertsen.
Very different releases, buy both of them! Release June 2nd and June 9th, 08

Point 4 cd out !  Mar 01 2008

The quartet Point 4 is now out with their debut cd, «Panopticon» on SOFA. This is a delightful combination between the two pianists Kenneth Karlsson and Jon Balke and the two percussionist Bjørn Rabben and Ingar Zach. In a wonderful recording by SOFA's favourite engineer Thomas Hukkelberg, the music shines through the whole disc where there are no gaps between the highlights. Don' t miss this one either !! read more »»

NEW SOFA DISC  Nov 30 2007

One of Norway's most interesting composers, Eivind Buene is featured on SOFA's latest release, Asymmetrical Music. The music is written for a ten piece Ensemble conducted by Lene Grenager, and two improvising soloists, Ingar Zach and Ivar Grydeland. The result is a captivating journey on the edge between notated and improvised music. Don't miss this one! The release is on December 3rd, 2007 read more »»

MUTA disc out  May 14 2007

The brilliant new MUTA disc is finally out. «Yesterday Night You Were Sleeping At My Place» comprises 7 electro-acoustic compositions. The music varies from lovely brutal noise to spacious calm electronica. Visit our shop section to find out where you can buy it. read more »»

Soon to be released  Apr 23 2007

MUTA is a trio comprising well known musicians on the SOFA and SILLÓN labels. The MUTA disc, however, is a surprising one. Be sure to check it out. Will be released on April 30. read more »»

Sidsel Endresen interview  Nov 28 2006

Read this interview with Sidsel Endresen in Ballade read more »»

No Spaghetti Edition Festival  Oct 24 2006

The traveling No Spaghetti Edition Festival has landed in Norway. The journey started with a 3 days festival in Barcelona in 2004, followed by a weekend festival in Buenos Aires in 2005. This year the festival will take place in Norway - 3. and 4. November in the beautiful Tou Scene in Stavanger, and 5. November in Oslo's new National Jazz Scene. Some of the names: Sidsel Endresen, Silent Block, Steve Beresford, Looper + John Tilbury, Christian Wallumrød, Huntsville. More info on the link below read more »»

Announcing two new releases  Sep 29 2006

In early November SOFA releases the fourth album from the project ensemble No Spaghetti Edition. This time members are Martin Tetréault on turntable and small electronics, Xavier Charles on clarinet, Christian Wallumrød on piano, Tonny Kluften on double bass, Ingar Zach on percussion and Ivar Grydeland on guitar and banjo. The new CD is titled “Sketches of a fusion” and will be available from early November.

The second new CD is by the great Norwegian Sidsel Endresen. Her “ONE” is a brand new recording with focus only on her voice.

Anita Kaasbøll interviewed in Ballade  Jun 01 2006

«Med tre lange spor på en snau halvtime trår disse tre dyktige musikerne opp nye spor langs veier som tidligere er ryddet av blant andre The Dream Syndicate, Tod Dockstader og Giacinto Scelsi. Resultatet er mørke klangfarver, langstrakte droner og minimalistisk improvisasjonsmusikk.» (Norwegian only) read more »»

New release: «The Sea Looks Green When the Sky is Grey»  May 24 2006

SOFA is happy to announce a new trio, 3 new musicians on our label and a great release! read more »»

WELCOME to SOFA's new web site  May 04 2006

!NEW! You can now buy downloads of SOFA releases - both single tracks and albums. Please visit our SHOP for more info.

SOFA is working on new releases  May 04 2006

In the end of May 2006 SOFA will release «The Sea Looks Green When the Sky is Grey» with the trio Nikos Veliotis (Greece) - cello, Michael Duch (Norway) - double bass and Anita Kaasbøll (Norway) - processed voice.

New release with the project band No Spaghetti Edition

The band played a successful concert at the NPAI festival in Parthenay, France in July 2005 with this line up: Martin Tetreault, Xavier Charles, Christian Wallumrød, Ivar Grydeland, Tonny Kluften, Ingar Zach. During Tetreault's visit in Europe in fall 2005 the group managed to meet for a two days recording session. Release expected in September 2006.

«Asymmetrical Music»

SOFA is preparing a release with the Norwegian composer Eivind Buene's piece «Asymmetrical Music» - a piece for sinfonietta and Ingar Zach/Ivar Grydeland as improvising soloists. Expected release second half of 2006.

Check out our new label Sillón  May 03 2006

Our new label Sillón presents genre breaking solo work by some of our favorite artists. http://www.sofamusic.no/sillon

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