Put on the circuit via Norway's Sofa Music on September 8th, 2k17 is Martin Küchen's most recent album entitled "Lieber Heiland, Lass Uns Sterben", a thirtyfive minutes five track piece opening with the title track which is a siren'esque, yet distorted and saddening fusion of wind instruments and harsh, electronic Noize whereas "Music To Silence Music" follows a similar, more lively path with a hint of percussion and elements of Jazz around the corner. Following up is "Purcell In The Ethernal Deir Yassin", providing more of a droning, Ambient-influenced approach sporting oriental bits and echoes of what could be EthioJazz-infused melodic structures and haunting ghosts of fading operas whilst "Ruf Zu Mir, Bezprizoni..." caters tender piano melodies contrasted by harsh, non-tonal experiments on wind instruments and the final, epicly named "Atmen Choir (I Det Stora Nedrivna Rummet Met Bortvända Kvinnoansikten, Skylda Av Veck; Bortsparkat, Ihopföst Segel. Krossat Rött Tyg Stelnar I Vinterkylan...)" brings in scattered, rasping signals travelling through the stereo field atop an irritating, non-identifyable musical recording appearing in the very background to sensitive ears only. Good stuff, this.