Melting Into Foreground

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Melting Into Foreground

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Melting into foreground is the second solo album from trombone player Henrik Munkeby

Nørstebø, and his debut on the SOFA label. The first track is solo trombone. No effects. He is using the whole spectre of his instrument, from pure tones to noise and the barely audible, in an attempt to find the balance between the intuitive and the strictly constructed. About the second part, Henrik says that all the electronic sounds stems from one short clarinet track, that

first was multi layered in irregular distances to make a natural distortion, before it was slowed- and pitched down many times until it again can be heard as 'one' sound. I'm looking for a kind of inner energy in all my sounds, and with these electronics the process is reversed. I’m aiming for all my sounds to have this quality, an outer frame with a complex energy inside.

Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø - trombone, half-clarinet, electronics