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enough still not to know

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Enough still not to know is a 4 CD box set with music by John Tilbury and Keith Rowe, produced by visual artist Kjell Bjørgeengen for an upcoming video installation. The music is improvised, but it is quite evident that the two artists have developed a strong understanding throughout their five-decade long collaboration.

Keith Rowe and John Tilbury are especially known from their work in the Scratch Orchestra and AMM with Cornelius Cardew. Tilbury is also known as one of the foremost interpreters of Morton Feldmans piano music. In recent years, both musicians have been working with texts by Samuel Beckett; Tilbury has made music and text-based performances of a number of the latest works by Beckett: Worsward Ho, Stirrings Still and What is the Word to mention a few. In Keith Rowe's work you can also find Beckett inspirations, where his music is totally stripped down, so that only the core remains. This influence, as well as Bjørgeengen's instructions about making a kind of music which musically and conceptually worked with dissolution and unification, combined with long sections of silence, has given surprising results.

SOFA is very proud to be able to release this unique musical manifesto from these two legendary figures in experimental music. The release includes a booklet with liner notes written by Tilbury, Rowe and Bjørgeengen.

Keith Rowe - electric guitar, electronics

John Tilbury - piano

Kjell Bjørgeengen - producer