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The Pitch

The Pitch

Boris Baltschun - Electric Pump Organ / Koen Nutters - Bass / Morten J. Olsen - Vibraphone / Michael Thieke - Clarinet

The Pitch is an improvising ensemble of four Berlin-based creative musicians founded in 2009. With acoustic instruments and minimal live-electronics they collectively compose structures which generate hypnotic melodic movement and deep acoustic textures. Bowed and struck vibraphone tones resonate with bowed bass harmonics, doubled by clarinet and reinforced by organ and sine tones. An intensely focused performance creates an atmosphere where the listeners perception is slowed down to make the smallest sonic details move from background to foreground.

The group continually expands into new terrain of musical material and playing styles inspired by fundamental states of matter (and variations thereof) - frozen surfaces, gaseous states, plasmatic fibrils, liquid patterns and molecular motion. Hypnotic, intensely colourful, shifting densities, concentrated, slowly-shifting patterns and textures.