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A winter's night at the crooked forest

A winter's night at the crooked forest front cover

A winter's night at the crooked forest

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In 2011 Rønnekleiv/Moe released the album “A summer’s night at the crooked forest” on SOFA. The London based music magazine WIRE wrote that the album is a technical tour de force. And a musical one, too, each track structured with compositional precision.

On this sequel we meet an extraordinary duo with an almost telepathic interplay.

Recorded in the middle of the forest in a cabin with no electricity, the recording equipment was run on solar energy. With titles such as “You are walking on a sleeping summer”, “Peismusikk” (Norwegian for fire place music) and “Blizzard” one can maybe imagine under what circumstances this session took place.

Ole-Henrik Moe: viola

Kari Rønnekleiv: violin