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10 years have gone by since O3 debut album "... de las piedras" was released on the english label Another Timbre. Since then the trio have been working sporadically in Europe and also collaborating with artist like Merce Cunningham Dance Ensemble, Miguel Angel Tolosa, Kim Myhr, Jane Rigler and Jim Denley. The last three years O3 has been involved with the Norwegian contemporary circus ensemble Stella Polaris, making music for three different performances.

With the new album Trashumancia, the trio with Ingar Zach, Alessandra Rombolà and Esteban Algora decided to return to the chapel of the mysterious village of Urueña in Spain, where the first record was recorded. O3 felt the urge to go back and explore new musical territories in the chapel where the memory of the first recording was so strong.

The result is a darker and a more subdued recording. A wonderful and fascinating soundworld reveals a trio which has found its true organic element. The three musicians overlap in instrumentation, and the birds in the background are a delicate contribution to this fragile and focused set of orginal compositions. Again, lovely captured and recorded by Miguel Angel Tolosa. SOFA is proud to add O3 to the catalog with yet another extraordinary album.