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In microtub, ideas of microtonal tuba music are put into action by the three improvisors Robin Hayward, Martin Taxt and Kristoffer Lo. A unique timbre is created when the sound of the three tubas merge together. SOFA is proud to present this groundbreaking piece of music.

Robin Hayward developed the first fully microtonal tuba together with the tuba manufacturer B&S in 2009. After exploring the possibilities in just intonation on the regular tuba, he found it necessary to invent a new instrument where all the microtones could be played in a more logical way.

Microtub did their first tour in April 2010. Since then they have played at venues such as Ausland (Berlin), Cave12 (Geneva) and Kongsberg Jazz Festival (Norway). Future plans involve Japan, US and Europe.

Robin Hayward - microtonal tuba

Kristoffer Lo - tuba

Martin Taxt - tuba