‘Silfr’ is an intriguing collaboration of Vilde Sandve Alnæs (violin) and Inga Margrethe Aas (bass). A 
truly beautiful work of improvised music. The duo started in 2010, as classically trained musicians at 
The Norwegian Academy of Music. They debuted with ‘Makrofauna’ on ECM in 2014. Alas I don’t know 
this album that was mixed by Guiseppe Ielasi, but I guess they go several steps further here, as this 
one doesn’t sound close to the ECM-aesthetics as far as I know. In 2016 they won The Lindeman prize 
for Young Musicians, a significant prize in Norway. Both are technically very skilled musicians, not 
loosing themselves in technical escapades. They use extended techniques, but don’t go to the extreme. 
This is very warm-blooded and organic music, showing inspired interplay. Although it is abstract 
improvised music, it seems rooted somehow in traditional Scandinavian folk music, because of the 
melodic elements that sometimes appear. They play most of all with sound, colour and timbre in their 
expressive improvisations, and succeed in creating music that is very rich, evocative and has depth. 
And each track for its own reasons, as each tracks starts from a specific musical idea. Sometimes this 
implies that both players seem to follow their own path. But one soon discovers their musical 
conversations are very solid and together. An exceptional and very fascinating work!