Steve Koenig

guitarist Grydeland and bassist Tonny Kluften (...) join drummer Paul Lovens, one of the few musicians I feel can do no wrong. These Six , referring to the number of tracks, reminds me of Japanese gagaku, the ancient ritual court music, not because of gagaku's sonorities (although at time, that too), but rather its spaciousness, its thought out deliberateness, and its improvisatory quality. This, of course, is pure improvisation: Lovens even plays “selected and unselected drums and cymbals.” Grydeland also plays banjo, joining Eugene Chadbourne as the leading exponents of free-improv banjo. This is the kind of disc that leaves you with quiet chills and long memories. As a bonus, the music is captured, credit to Audun Strype, in the highest fidelity, all colors and dynamics intact. Stop reading. You already have an idea whether you might like this; if so, grab it. I'm going to file it on my shelf beside No Spaghetti Edition.