Sound Colour Vibration

Kim Myhr is a phenomenal 12-string guitar player, evoking a tapestry of cerebral and ethereal emotions one rarely hears in modern music. We were instantly drawn into his works on first contact and the his entire debut solo album All Your Limbs Singing is a strikingly powerful display of heady music. The 12-string guitar alone creates a wavering essence in every strum and Kim’s technique shows a rapid pattern that leaves even more spirals of trailing tones. Couple this with the minimal drones of synth that float under, around and on top of the guitar musings and it’s a contemplative and meditative derivative unlike anything else. Norway’s label Sofa has taken on LP and CD prints of this album with a special bundle offer for North American residents with Forced Exposure. All Your Limbs Singing is a crucial extension of modern guitar culture and we highly recommend checking out the album to see if this something you enjoy as much as we do.