Signal to Noise

The best comparison I can make to the music on Nectars of Emergence is to Such's The Issue at Hand. It's also the highest compliment I can give. Denley's wind instruments ripple across the aural spectrum and Ingar Zach's percussion punctures the membrane of Kim Myhr's acoustic guitar lilts. These seven tracks were recorded at a church in Norway in 2009, and if there is a presence of the otherworldly, it is the miraculous presence of emergence denoted in the title. Sounds are given space and the interactions between the improvisors crystallize them. There is so much modest beauty to be found listening to the improvisations on this record that it is easy to forget just how much instrumental prowess and aesthetic grace are necessary for its production. While the trio of Tilbury, Prévost and Iwamoto as Such only recorded the one album, let's hope that Mural continue their emergence for a long time.