Coming in from Norway and due for release via Sofa Music on April 24th, 2015 is «Frozen Orchestra (Amsterdam)», the forthcoming album effort of the conceptual core quartet named The Pitch, consisting of Boris Beltschun, Koen Nutters, Morten J. Olsen and Michael Thieke, which has been enhanced by six additional musicians including the well-remarkable Okkyung Lee on Cello for the live recording of this two track longplay piece at the Sonic Acts Festival on February 26th, 2012. And yes, talking two tracks - or better: compositions - does mean that both exceed the 20 minutes landmark in terms of playtime here, serving excellent organic and lived-played droning with pretty intense, sometime vibrating, sometimes eerie and threating bass temper all coming to live through electric pump organ - wtf ever this might be -, bass, vibraphone , clarinet, bass clarinet, cello and revox. Around minute 7.30+ in the first part entitled «Side A» you'll even find an idea of romanticism like the one described by Wolfgang Voigt and his GAS project referring to the special, dampened feel that's related to and associated with the dark German forrests. This feel turns into a more alarming one in the second section, replacing the calmer, romantic sonic vision with a more strident vibe that seems to calm down a little after the first three or four minutes have passed but seems to rise again like a steady swell which is interestingly accompanied by some background noises produced by either the audience or the musicians involved in staging as The Pitch themselves, little coughs and other stuff here and there keeping the listeners attention wide awake whilst being immersed in this highly enjoyable sonic piece that seems to be way shorter than 40 and a bit minutes due to its intriguing nature. Recommended.