Magazine of the Musicians Union

Beautifully recorded by Thomas Hukkelberg from a performance last year in Oslo and packaged nicely too, this CD presents a man who re-wrote guitar playing - Derek Bailey - in duets with a young and intelligent drummer. The Austrian/Norwegian Ingar Zach is part of the floating ensemble of improvisors known as «No Spaghetti Edition» who are transforming the music scene in Norway and have worked with several other important British improvisors like Tony Oxley and Pat Thomas.
Bailey's phone must be ringing off the hook these days, he seems to crop up everywhere, and his playing is just getting better. He has, after all, been playing this stuff since the 60's, but he takes just as many chances, can blast the room with energy like a rock guitarist or evoke the tiny crystalline world of Webern.

Zach is a thoughtful and original percussionist, playing an 'extended' kit with a touch, perhaps, of Tony Oxley and even Terry Day. He's a perfect addition to the list of great drummers who have recorded classic records with Bailey, and he finds countless new ways to interact with the wily guitarist, who here is heard only on the electric instrument. (His acoustic playing is a whole other world).

What seems to be warm atmosphere and a hard-listening audience suit the players well, and they both have concise solo tracks at the midpoint of the record.

Anyone not acquainted with Bailey's music, or the methology behind group free improvisation in general, will find this cd a brilliant starting point.