The latest offering from this Norwegian improvised music label is a live recording of guitarist Derek Bailey's creative confrontation with Norwegian percussionist Ingar Zach at Blå Jazzclub on 20 October 2000. Just when you think you've heard everything that Bailey could possibly produce from his instrument he turns up a volume control here and twists a guitar string there to produce such sounds that - as 60s New York avant garde label ESP used to claim in their sloganeering - you never heard in your life. As is the case here, where chords are chopped fine and sent shimmering through the air, or fistfuls of carefully composed feedback are pulled from the speakers and allowed to float free like musical ectoplasm. Zach's performance is equally masterful as he instictively applies thin layers of drumskin skim and cymbal scrape over Bailey's seemingly erratic, but surgically precise playing, before being finally let off the leash on «Hepp» - a dynamic percussion solo that allows his own distinctive style to shine through and dazzle the audience.