HI-Fi News

Percussionist Ingar Zach and guitarist Ivar Grydeland are based in Oslo, but they have set the scene well for international recognition of their virtues. Ingar Zach hosted guitarist Derek Bailey in Norway, and released the duet in impressive hi-fi . Ivar Grydeland likewise hosted percussionist Tony Oxley, and released the result in equally impressive hi-fi . Having proved themselves adept apprentices with the pioneers of British Free Improvisation, they now record together. Their duo makes a useful comparison to that of Eugene Chadbourne and John Zorn: these musicians find in Free Improvisation a space to breathe, relishing the music's ability to absorbe sheer physicality, destruction and humour into the dialogue. The closer here, «Last Visit» sounds like if Zach is splintering his drumsticks, yet everything is integrated with finesse.