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Microtub is an unprecedented tuba trio, with Robin Hayward on microtonal F-tuba, Kristoffer Lo on microtonal C-tuba and Martin Taxt on microtonal C-Tuba. Even if fully acoustic, the music has an incredible resonance, and the three instruments weave long, almost endless tones over and through each other, creating a deep sonic feeling of substance while keeping the space very open.

It is no surprise that the Pythagorean concept of the «music of the spheres» come to mind, the deep harmony of sound that might emanates from the movement of the planets and stars, and that is imperceptible to the human ear (until now!). After listening to their debut album some years ago, you could wonder whether the core concept could still be open for creative renewal, and the trio does it here in spades, with more gravitas, more solidity, more depth, more expansiveness, and beautiful contrasts among the three instruments.