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Back to murmurs now, with Ingar Zach on percussion, electronics and field recordings, and Miguel Angel Tolosa on electronics, field recordings and electric guitar. The album was already reviewed by Paolo Casertano, but I wished to add my comments which are not too far away from Paolo's appreciation.

In contrast to the other Sofa albums reviewed in this post, the overall sound is more linear, a kind of continuous and oscillating background like an electronic swell, dark and foreboding, with many different sounds all coming together like an ocean rising it, allegedly the result of ten years of sound collection, and the amazing feat that both guitar and percussion manage to stretch sounds indefinitely, while changing timbre and intensity as they move forward on this longitudinal journey. As memorable as the other two albums reviewed here, and again a different perspective on what can be achieved in this very specific subgenre that the Sofa label brings us.