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My real favorite in the list here is Muringa's «The Unknown Knowns» in reference to the famous Donald Rumsfeld quote. Muringa is Klaus Ellerhusen Holm on alto saxophone and clarinet, Tor Haugerud on drums and percussion, Kim Myhr on guitars and objects, and Martin Taxt on tuba.

There is no silence here, but an uncanny and slow development of sound, with lots of horizontal lines being imposed on top of the other, leading to sometimes eery moments, inexplicable drama, revealing a world of distress that you assumed could exist but that remains hidden and dormant, then everything goes quiet again, and by doing that the tension increases. Yet at the same time, primarily because of the bells and the clarinet, some pristine beauty and innocence emerges, in contrast to the industrial sounds (or are those helicopters?), on «Northwest Passage». On the last track, out of the slow, often piercing sounds, the tuba (I guess it's the tuba) erupts in dog-like barking, strange and impactful.

Subtle, full of character and vision. Really strong.