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Collected over a period of ten years, the tracks making up Ingar Zach and Miguel Angel Tolosa’s debut duo release Loner combine percussion with electronics, electric guitar and field recordings. Zach, a native of Oslo now living in Madrid, played free improvisation in different configurations in Norway before moving to Spain, where his developing interests brought him to folk music as well as to more structure forms of experimental music. Composer/sound engineer Tolosa, also based in Madrid, has written spare works for a wide of instruments. Conceptually, he’s interested in the way the listener experiences music as the manifestation of time, and it is this concept that would seem to underlie Loner, the music of which seems designed to embody the drift of time as an unbroken field.

The four tracks share an overall atmosphere that could be described as a kind timbral impressionism conveyed by an enveloping, low key drone. Other sounds emerge and wash into each other; their boundaries are for the most part porous and their shapes soft-edged. At times the more assertive, sharper-edged profiles of metallic percussion or high-frequency electronics push through, but in general this is a textural music the colors of which are drawn from a muted palette.