Vocalist Phil Minton, Axel Dörner on trumpet and Thomas Lehn on analogue synth have been working as Toot since the late 90s but 'One' is, with such a title no surprise, their first CD. The four tracks on this CD were recorded in 2003, most possibly to a stereo tape, but afterwards there has been some editing by Lehn and Dörner. All three gentleman belong to the absolute finest in improvised in Europe, having played with almost anyone on the scene. The four captured live moments here show these qualities very well. Each piece is a highly dynamic affair, ranging from the subtle moments with lots of silence (which seem to be in a majority here) to more louder and upfront outbursts of energy. Certainly not 'easy' stuff, since whatever they do is beyond any form of traditional playing and requiresd ones full attention. But it will be rewarded by the beauty of itrequires.