Cadenze Magazine

Oxley places on full display his unique brand of percussion on Triangular Screen as the leader of the Project 1 trio. Guitarist Grydeland and bassist Kluften provide the added firepower as Oxley produces a plethora of stimulating sounds with them. Oxley manufactures rapid outbursts of unusual and creative percussion augmented by lighter cymbal crashes and rim shots. His drums explode with volcanic fury and then retreat quickly into subtle areas of shading. The pattern of play from Grydeland fits very neatly into this style of drumming that has identified Oxley for so many years. Grydeland's use of broken, jagged lines and spirited explosiveness are in direct competition with the bombs exploding from Oxley, and together they create cosmic ferocity with their matching approach to improvised music. These live sessions were captured in Norway at two venues last year and represent totally improvised three-way conversations. kluften has his work cut out for him on acoustic bass given the commotion the others stir. Yet he rises to the occasion on several quieter passages and interrelates with Oxley in more delicate manner. His opening statements on «Third Scan» are excellent examples of his inventive bass style. Elsewhere, he remains in the background to match his brand of staccato playing with the other's. The most meaningful discussions center on the Oxley/Grydeland bouts. They create an agitated state of raw emotion while spitting out joint caustic statements.Oxley and the trio produce near-ghoulish sequences of improvised spontaneity on this album that is stimulating through its restless thrust. It is an exiting match of kindred spirits seeking communion of their shared militant thoughts.