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Streifenjunko played their first concert all the way back in 2005, and has since then worked closely together to present truly unique and original compositions. Their work is focused, and the sound revolves around different experimental playing techniques, selected and fermented during years of music making. The members Eivind Lønning on trumpet and Espen Reinertsen on saxophone are still exploring territory together, and their recent development also includes electronics. Espen and Eivind plays together in several other constellations as well, two of them being the Christian Wallumrød Ensemble and Koboku Senju.

Streifenjunko has performed on festivals such as Densités Festival, Sonic Acts, Baignade Interdite, Borderline, Festival Cable, Crác Festival, The NOWnow Festival, Ultima, Oct-Loft, Rue du Nord, Hagenfesten, Punkt, Kongsberg Jazz Festival and Moldejazz.