MURAL consists of Australian windplayer Jim Denley, with Norwegians Kim Myhr (guitar) and Ingar Zach (percussion). They have performed as the trio in South America, Canada, Europe, the USA and Lebanon, releasing four CDs, Nectars of Emergence (Sofa), Doom and Promise (recorded at the Rothko Chapel, Houston and released on their publications), a studio album Tempera (con-v), and the 3CD box set Tempo.

The second and third releases, documentats their special relationship between MURAL and the Rothko chapel in Houston, Texas. In their music, MURAL captures both a heavy gravity as well as a touching lightness, like an everchanging dance within the tension of opposites. Recently, MURAL have been collaborating with Norwegian video pioneer Kjell Bjørgeengen, so the scale of the work is expanding beyond time and the sonic to the audiovisual.