Fear Of The Object


Fear Of The Object

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These 4 CDs comprise a three-year time span of work between video artist Kjell Bjørgeengen and percussionist Chris Cogburn. The foundational concept informing the project is to examine the differences between the resonant frequencies and wild harmonics of physical objects and the exactness of sine tones and just-intonation. An additional layer of video is produced live using audio signals as raw video voltages, thereby transforming sound into video in ways far beyond the classic parameters of volume or frequency. The resultant video is again turned into sound through a reading of the debris emitted by the video signal.

The project evolved through collaborations with Ingar Zach (percussion), Aimée Theriot-Ramos (cello), Juan García (double bass), and Judith Hamann (cello). Each CD was recorded in a different location (in order: Madrid, Coyoacán, Oslo, Mexico City) within the context of rehearsals, concerts, and tours to develop the work. From the emergent concept of the resonances of physical objects in dialogue with architectural space, these musicians each pushed the project forward in new and unexpected ways which explains the differences between the 4 CDs.

From Fear of the Object box set artist text, Kjell Bjørgeengen:

We scrutinize the notion of artistic subjectivity in relation to the objective conditions under which the music and video unfold during performances. Our joint work is an investigation of a mediated given and produced reality. We let the physical objects speak. The resonance of the objects on Chris Cogburn’s table are set in motion, reflected by the architecture of the given space.

The physical conditions have priority; our interventions come only after the experience of the situation. It is a listening more than an expressive endeavor. Our work is a cautious activity, in a way reflected from the outside, the turn of a knob, the bowing of a string, not spontaneous, but posited by an internalization of the wholeness of the situation. It is sometimes hard to hold back, to break the conditioning of the musician/artist and refrain from acting until necessary.

Box set info:

The 4-CDs are housed in a custom-made, 2-piece box of Gmundt Matt 23 Warm Grey Dark 1200g paper measuring 20cm x 16cm x 2.5cm. The box and interior elements are designed by Kjell Bjørgeengen and Salvatore Panatteri. Produced at Göteborgtryckeriet / GBGT Box, Sweden. 

Each box contains:

— a double-sided, 6-panel accordion fold print featuring composite video stills taken from a Fear of the Object performance in Austin, Texas (2019) created by Salvatore Panatteri. (56.5cm x 15.2cm)

— 2-panel artist text print with writing by Cogburn + Bjørgeengen (38cm x 15.2cm)

— Special designed folding CD sleeve for each of the 4 CDs (32cm x 15.2cm)

— 4 CDs Madrid, Coyoacán, Oslo, Mexico City

— Japanese cotton inner-sleeves


The box and interior elements are unified through the use of the same Gmund paper. Text throughout each element is a pristine black foil debossing.


Edition of 500.