Alessandra Rombolà


Alessandra Rombolà is an interpreter and an improviser, involved in different aspects of music making. A classical trained musician, her main activity lies in the field of contemporary music and free improvisation.She is a versatile musician with a chameleonic personality; a specialized interpreter of notated, graphic and highly complex scores and an improviser with a unique language.Throughout her career, she has collaborated with dozens of interdisciplinary projects which include dance, storytelling, video, electronics, circus, performance and contemporary opera.

Born in Calabria (south of Italy), Alessandra trained in Italy, Switzerland, England and France,where she specialized on extended techniques, notation and contemporary repertoire for flute. She settled in Madrid for twenty years, where, in addition to teaching at theConservatoire, she became one of the most requested interpreters for the classical-contemporary repertoire. In Spain she has collaborated with various ensembles, premieringdozens of chamber music and solo works. She has played with some of the most importantimprovisers in the European scene. She has been invited to festivals in different countries in Europe, Scandinavia, Lebanon,Mexico,US and Australia. She has released on the record labels:Confront, Teñidos, Sillón,Sofa, Another Timbre, Al-Maslakh, con-v, Stradivarius and Dash.She is now settled in Oslo, where she is working as a freelance musician, focusing on her solo projects.