Real Time Satellite Data

Real Time Satellite Data

Real Time Satellite Data

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No Spaghetti Edition's third record is called «Real time satellite data».

«Real time satellite data» was recorded in Kampen church in Oslo, and consists of collective electro-acoustic improvisations by the group. The goal of this recording was to capture the unique sound mixture produced by the brilliant musicians involved and to let the sound of the electronics, the acoustic instruments and the acoustic quality of the space merge organically and naturally.

The highly dynamic result was recorded and mixed by sound engineer Thomas Hukkelberg.

Xavier Charles - clarinet, harmonica

Rhodri Davies - harp

Michel Doneda - reeds

Axel Dörner - trumpet, electronics

Ivar Grydeland - acoustic guitar, banjo

Tonny Kluften - double bass

Andrea Neumann - inside piano, electronics

Ingar Zach - percussion