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Point 4 began as a fusion between four musicians – Jon Balke, Kenneth Karlsson, Bjørn Rabben, and Ingar Zach. Percussion instruments and conceptual sounds were a mutual passion for the partnership from the beginning. Since February 2006 Point 4 has worked using different approaches towards improvisation based on compositional elements. Point 4 uniquely blends two virtuoso duos from contemporary and improvisational music and creates their music partly through improvisation, and partly through samples and fragments from existing music. On “Panopticon” simple structures and small cells provides opportunity for improvisational freedom. Certain tracks resemble pre-composed works, while others display an open and almost random nature. “Panopticon” is a work which reveals the various inherent directions in the organism Point 4.

Point 4 is an exciting ensemble with a persistent desire to develop it’s music. In 2008 they have pursued cooperation with composers such as Bent Sørensen and Rolf Wallin. Additionally, they perform a program based on James Dillon’s work.

Kenneth Karlsson - piano

Jon Balke - piano/electronics

Bjørn Rabben - percussion/melodic percussion

Ingar Zach - bass drum/percussion