Asymmetrical Music

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Asymmetrical Music

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SOFA is very proud to present the new cd with Norwegian composer Eivind Buene and his composition, Asymmetrical Music. This is SOFA first release with a written score, but it doesn’t mean that improvisation is abandoned. On the contrary, Asymmetrical Music focuses on the meeting point between composition and improvisation. The two soloists, Ivar Grydeland – guitar and Ingar Zach – percussion, are improvising as a duo but also on another level, with the written score. The members of the Ensemble featured on this disc are also very capable improvisors at the same time being leading interpreters of contemporary music. Enjoy this astonishing work from Eivind Buene.

Eivind Buene - composer

Ingar Zach - percussion

Ivar Grydeland - acoustic guitar, banjo, tabla machine

Asymmetrical Music Ensemble

Lene Grenager - conductor