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This record presents three different tappings of TRI-DIM.

TRI-DIM was one of the first young improv groups to rise to the surface on the vital, ever growing music scene in Oslo. This is TRI-DIM's second album and it should in more than one way document the work they have been doing over thee last two years.

The first track is a live recording from Blå from April 2002. Second, a remix by Jim O'Rourke, using some of TRI-DIMs unreleased material. The two last pieces are taken from a live recording at Molde International Jazzfestival 2001, where TRI-DIM performed with the English bass player, Barry Guy.

Barry Guy - double bass

Håkon Kornstad - reeds

Jim O'Rourke - remix

David Stackenäs - guitar

Ingar Zach - percussion