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Alessandra Rombolá


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SILLON22005-12-01250 copies


Alessandra Rombolá - flute

About Urueña

Sillón is proud to present what has to be Italy's best kept secret on the improvised music scene. Based in Madrid, Spain, Alessandra Rombolá works in the field of contemporary music and improvisation. Her stunning debut-cd, Urueña, shows her great musicality and sense of form. Her sound is so rich that it fills the whole space of the beautiful Church in the tiny village in central Spain, Urueña. The music is captured in detail by sound-wizard, Pierre-Olivier Boulant. A must for all fans of creative new music.

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...et godt og interessant album er det defintivt. -- read the whole review»

Carl Kristian Johansen


The sounds Rombola generates are solid and impressive and one can enjoy. -- read the whole review»

Brian Olewnick

Paris Transatlantic

«...here's another holy place for you to visit.» -- read the whole review»

Dan Warburton

Disquieting Duck

«Fanken så lekre Sillón-utgivelsene er. Alt med dem er lekkert og utsøkt, ikke bare omslagsdesignen – en enkel kartonglomme med håndstemplet informasjon – men også innholdet.» -- read the whole review»

Frank Messel

Sands-Zine< -- read the whole review»

Sergio Eletto

Touching Extremes

«It's certainly an involving experience, a kind of music whose corporal character almost exceeds the technical details - which themselves are worthy of the maximum attention.» -- read the whole review»

Massimo Ricci