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Lady Lord

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Ivar Grydeland - music

Ingar Zach - music


01 Lady Lord (29:41)

About Lady Lord

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Ingar Zach and Ivar Grydeland, founders of SOFA and the backspine of bands like Huntsville and Dans les Arbres, already have two duo-releases on SOFA. It has been a while since they have performed in this format, but now the duo is back with a vengeance. The music has changed since last time, which now consists of walls of dark frequencies that gets your albino body shaking and your diaphragm vibrating.


Free Jazz

Shades of sounds, hovering in the air like dark fog obfuscating any sense of clarity and direction, really dark, ominous, foreboding. The soundtrack for nightmares. -- read the whole review»



På sin tredje plate som duo strekker Grydeland og Zach strikken enda litt lenger i statisk retning – med et spenningsfylt støymonster som igjen bygger opp under deres status som noen av våre mest stilsikre, kompromissløse og uredde improvisatører. -- read the whole review»

Svein Magnus Furu

Monsieur Delire

The improvisation unfolds mostly in the bass register, with plenty of subtle frequencies interacting without a care for melody or rhythm. Very dense listening from these two, although the music itself is pretty stripped down. A convincing effort -- read the whole review»

Francois Coture


...this is exceptional, a series of overlapping enquiries, encounters that don't immediately seem like a meeting of minds but don't sound antagonistic either, unison swerves and a delicately distributed leavening of silence between the brittle, fragmentary tones. -- read the whole review»

Brian Morton


Det er mørkt og godt å lytte til. Denne duoen har virkelig et forhold til sitt eget stoff. (5/6 stars) -- read the whole review»

Arild R. Andersen