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No Spaghetti Edition

Listen... And Tell Me What It Was

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Axel Dörner - trumpet, electronics

Ingebrigt Håker Flaten - double bass

Ivar Grydeland - electric guitar

Frode Haltli - accordion

Tonny Kluften - double bass

Håkon Kornstad - reeds

Paal Nilssen-Love - drums, percussion

Rolf Erik Nystrøm - reeds

Maja Ratkje - voice, electronics

Pat Thomas - piano, electronics

Øyvind Torvund - electric guitar

Ingar Zach - percussion


01 Mir 1.4 (6:20)

02 Drop the boy (10:32)

03 Moscowskaja (6:26)

04 If mountains could sing (15:49)

05 The night, the death and the universe (6:00)

06 A country practice (12:35)

07 Spaghetti fingers (1:44)

08 Mr. Thompson (11:17)

About Listen... And Tell Me What It Was

No Spaghetti Edition is an improvisation ensemble with different line-ups for each project. This presentation includes ten of the most active norwegian improvisers, the german trumpet player Axel Dörner and the english keyboard player Pat Thomas. The music is a mixture of acoustic and electronic sound, improvised live in studio.

The recording consists of eight spontaneously and instantaneously composed pieces of music and except for one piece there are no sketches. This leaves the musicians the thrilling task of creating music as a part of the ensemble and as individual players with a solistic approach -- all the time focusing on the musical development and to push the music further into new directions.



«Who would have thought that Scandinavia would become such a hotbed for free improvisation?» -- read the whole review»

Michael Rosenstein

Jazz Review

«The orchestra is a different beast to other improvisation orchestras and achieves a genuinely unified ensemble sound.» -- read the whole review»

Philip Clark

Jazz Weekly

«Listeners interested in a so-far-unheralded group of players and a raucous good time program of improvisation should investigate this session. Most of the musicians are unjustly unknown at present, but with luck, many folks will soon know about these fjord freedom sounds.» -- read the whole review»

Ken Waxman


«For dette er musikk som både tåler og fortjener å bli hørt mange ganger. OK, det er sært, skjevt og til tider direkte lytteruvennlig, men det er disse kvalitetene som gjør at musikken tåler gjenhør.(...) Noe av det jeg liker aller best, er den fine dynamikken musikerne får frem. I motsetning til en god del annen friimprovisert musikk blir det lite vegg-til-vegg improvisasjon her, og desto mer lydhørhet musikerne imellom.» -- read the whole review»

Eivind Buene


«...vil gje fleire lydarar kosmisk meirsmak» -- read the whole review»

Roald Helgheim


«Ta ikke sjansen på å gå glipp av denne CD-en.» -- read the whole review»

Tor Hammerø


«...audielle collager og skulpturer der energien dirrer..» -- read the whole review»

Terje Mosnes

All Music Guide

«This CD certainly should be added to the list of more successful ventures into large group improvising.» -- read the whole review»

Eugene Chadbourne