New release!
August 24th is a very special day for SOFA. After a long time of planning we are now ready to present our first vinyl release!

SVAL TORV (double 140g vinyl) consists of 9 pieces by the unique trumpet and saxophone duo Streifenjunko. Cover art is by the Norwegian video artist Kjell Bjørgeengen with sleeve design by Rutger Zuydervelt. Inside you’ll find liner notes by Jim Denley.
"Streifenjunko’s utopia is the latest mutation in the remarkable evolution of collectively authored music, a model which is cogent for making the new dialects and creoles of today’s and tomorrow’s musics, (and not just musics)." (Jim Denley)

Pre orders of this exclusive vinyl can be done by sending us a mail (, or clicking the button below. All orders made before August 24th can be bought for 150 NOK + shipping (regular price is 200 NOK).
2LP + shipping
On this occasion we would also like to give our customers an opportunity to buy Streifenjunkos debut-cd "No longer burning" from 2009 for just 50 NOK + shipping. The special sale will last until the end of September.
"One of the most potent and original spins on free improvisation I’ve heard in years."
Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader
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